Strut Africa

Manufacturer of Cable Management Systems

About Us

STRUT AFRICA was formed in 2015 as part of a group of steel companies. Strut Africa was created to add a new range of products and services to an already diverse service offering. We have strong relationships with our clients and this has allowed us to become a leader in both local and international markets. Our focus is to provide our clients with a top quality products, great service and very competitive pricing.

STRUT AFRICA’s policy of consistently improving designs and standards has proved to be invaluable to many electrical contractors. The management of STRUT AFRICA have always strived towards service excellence to give our clients an advantage in their specific field.

Our team of qualified staff have the technical knowledge for precision engineering and innovative designs, enables us to manufacture our products to the strictest tolerance specifications in accordance with market requirements.

Made to Order

The management of STRUT AFRICA wishes to emphasise the fact that the company is an independent manufacturer with a well-equipped manufacturing plant. STRUT AFRICA, therefore, has the technical and manufacturing resources to produce special customised designs as per client’s drawings